A gateway to inner peace and relaxation.
Ease into your zen.


Packaged Eighths

Calm. Still. Serene.

Experience a full-body high. This strain is used for relief from anxiety, pain, and insomnia. Generally considered the “strongest” of the different hybrids. Tranquil strains impart more of a sedative effect.

“Tranquil is awesome! I smoked it after a long day of work & enjoyed it very much. The texture was great, easy to break down and roll up, with just enough stickiness to feel on your fingertips, which is always satisfying. The way it smoked was perfect, so full of flavor, clean, and smooth. The high hit almost immediately and stayed quite a while. It was a functional high, I was able to prepare dinner all while being very relaxed. I would definitely purchase again as well as recommend anyone to try this strain, you will not be disappointed.”  — S.W.



Be mindful, cannabis’ chemical composition varies between each and every plant, even within the same strain. In conjunction, every consumer also has a unique chemical composition. Due to this, effects may vary. It is recommended to find what works best for you. Ask your budtender or reach out to us for questions.

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