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Energize by FLWRFLWR blooms from a network of cannabis visionaries with the common goal of elevating consumers through educating, advocating, and building community. Partnered with a network of womxn-run family farms, we focus on highlighting the importance of inclusivity and visibility to communities that have long been marginalized in the cannabis industry. Our mission is not only to provide consistent high-quality cannabis, but to also offer an approachable and informative platform to start conversation to bridge the gaps that divide us.

We are a community, we are FLWRS, a garden of all colors.

We pride ourselves in being ourselves.

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Our Obligation

Hands holding Refresh Vibe from FLWRRich with the sun, our flwrs are grown thoughtfully in live soil and are harvested with care, compassion, and attention to detail. These conditions give way to sophisticated terpene profiles and remarkable highs. Our flwr is of the highest quality within its grade, with the intention to not be out of your mind high, but to be productive while feeling good. Share the vibe and let us help you bloom into your best self.

We are reimagining cannabis by educating and empowering our consumers. To continuously grow, it requires being conscious and actively training oneself, and as busy as life can get, we understand that this can be difficult to do. FLWR provides an easy, reliable source for education.

By joining our FLWR community, you are helping broaden the social norms of cannabis use. And with our sustainable efforts, you are helping the planet to be a little greener.

Plant your seeds in our FLWR garden, join the conversation.
Grow with us. Water your garden.

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