Lift your spirits. Awaken your body and mind.
A perfect mix of focus and chill for any adventure.


Packaged Eighths

Excite. Liven. Enable.

Experience an uplifting high. Like a nice cup of tea, Energize strains can be a gentle pick-me-up. Blissful, yet relaxing. Good for users who want to avoid the couch-lock or spacey high. Enough energy to keep you going, without going over the edge. Not recommended for novice smokers prone to anxiety.

“This strain made me feel very euphoric and alert. It was a nice energetic and creative high that did not slow me down and helped with remaining focused and completing day to day tasks. This is a great strain for people who want to be aware and creative throughout the day.” — L.L.



Be mindful, cannabis’ chemical composition varies between each and every plant, even within the same strain. In conjunction, every consumer also has a unique chemical composition. Due to this, effects may vary. It is recommended to find what works best for you. Ask your budtender or reach out to us for questions.

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