Get Up. Show Up. Rise Up.
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Packaged Eighths

Awake. Alert. Alive.

Experience an invigorating high. Battle fatigue and depression with this bright and cheerful strain. The perfect partner for your morning routine, but will give you a boost anytime of day. Not recommended for novice smokers prone to anxiety.

“Super euphoric and uplifting, this strain gave me a jolt of energy without the anxious edge that I get from some sativas. Not only did I clean my whole apartment after smoking a joint of it, but I enjoyed cleaning my whole apartment! I also smoked a joint to wake and bake, and it gave me the perfect boost to feel ready to tackle my busy day.” — J.R.



Be mindful, cannabis’ chemical composition varies between each and every plant, even within the same strain. In conjunction, every consumer also has a unique chemical composition. Due to this, effects may vary. It is recommended to find what works best for you. Ask your budtender or reach out to us for questions.

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