Inhale… Exhale…
Breathe in new life.
Reinvigorate your spirit.


Packaged Eighths

Relax. Release. Renew.

Experience body-buzz with a little boost. Great for unwinding and renewing. Refresh can relieve pain and soreness and can even help with sleep.

“Refresh is the transitional high we are all looking for! It is an ‘anytime of day’ flwr. Having a somewhat sweet and almost fruity indica flavor, it is earthy sweetness. While being uplifting and euphoric, it still gives me a relaxed vibe. It cuts my anxiety and stress from the day and takes the edge off of my body soreness. It is very functionable while still calming. Rejuvenation at it’s finest!” — H.M.



Be mindful, cannabis’ chemical composition varies between each and every plant, even within the same strain. In conjunction, every consumer also has a unique chemical composition. Due to this, effects may vary. It is recommended to find what works best for you. Ask your budtender or reach out to us for questions.

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